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Throughout our lives we have many different experiences or we can be faced with traumatic events which can lead us to become highly anxious, depressed or to develop a variety of symptoms some of which may be associated with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). We are individuals and so may develop different ways of dealing with distress. In some cases people engage in unhelpful behaviours that can be counter-productive and which in turn can lead them to become even more depressed or to experience increased levels of anxiety. Anxiety can take many forms, all of which can be debilitating.

Traumatic events can occur at any time and be the result of early life experiences, an accident or as a result of the work that people carry out on a daily basis. Some of the symptoms of trauma such as flashbacks, hyper-vigilance, hyper-arousal, nightmares and avoidance of certain situations carry with them increased anxiety which can have far-reaching consequences in daily life. A number of the people who have sought counselling and with whom I have worked, have come as the result of being the victim of sexual abuse, bullying, assaults and/or being in abusive relationships. Others have experienced traumatic events as a result of an accident, a sudden death or as a consequence of their employment. People who work in the following services: police, ambulance, fire or the military may be exposed repeatedly to traumatic events as part of their daily working life which can make them more vulnerable to low mood and anxiety. Whilst initially these experiences may have a limited impact, over time emotional distress can build up leading to increased difficulties.


PTSD/Trauma - this can be the result of being involved in an accident, being the victim of physical and/or sexual violence or difficult early life experiences such as bullying or neglect. Click here

Anxiety - this can take many forms such as: Click here
- health anxiety
- panic disorder Click here
- social phobia/anxiety Click here
- GAD (generalised anxiety disorder) Click here
- specific phobias including vomit phobia Click here
- OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) Click here
- BDD (body dysmorphic disorder)

Depression and low mood Click here

Bereavement and grief

Low self-esteem

Internet addiction



My accreditation and qualifications are:

* EMDR Europe Accredited Clinical Supervisor / Consultant

* Accredited EMDR Practitioner - ( Click here

* Supervision of CBT, University of Surrey;

* BABCP Accredited CBT Practitioner - ( Click here

* Postgraduate Diploma in Psychological Intervention (CBT), University of Surrey;

* Diploma in Humanistic Counselling, Roehampton Institute, London - An Institute of the University of Surrey;

*Accredited Social Work England - ( Click here

* Diploma in Social Work, DipSW, University of East Anglia;

* MA in Social Work, University of East Anglia;

* BA double Hons, Social Anthropology, University of East Anglia;

If you would like to know more about my qualifications and experience then please do ask.

I abide by the Codes of Ethics of the above organisations.

I have professional insurance for my work.

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Psychotherapy. BABCP

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